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Personal Training – By Mary Holloran, NASM Board Certified Personal Trainer, Board Certified Pedorthist, OST
Sole Control, Inc. is proud to announce that Mary Holloran, C.Ped., OST has just passed her NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Boards for Personal Training. Mary offers training at her gym at home. Contact Mary at

If this is your first stop in your search for lifelong fitness, congratulations! You re about to take your first steps down the road to success. Do you need a personal trainer with a common sense approach and a common sense nutritional program? No special diets. Just burn more than you consume and that is as easy as it gets. Oh, and we can’t forget the training component!

Flexibility, Core, Balance, Reactive, Speed, Agility and Quickness, Resistance Training and more. It is an integrated approach to training that is very unique and very exciting. It is for anyone. “I am so excited that I pursued this particular credential. I have always wanted to help everyone. I’m a fixer. I have been fixing feet and lower limb problems for the last 31 years and needed to stimulate my brain, which is why I decided to pursue the NASM program. It is also something I can share with all my clients at Sole Control, Inc. I love to talk so it will be easy to share. A further motivation was seeing the incredible incidence of obesity today. The statistics are alarming, and I was on my way to becoming one of those statistics. Obesity contributes heavily to the amount of disease and illness. In addition, the statistics on ankle sprains, ACL injuries, Back Pain and so on are of concern. Avoiding injury and pain sounds good doesn’t it?

I’m fixing myself too. I’m 48 and it needs to be about my health. I have struggled with my weight for years. I got sick and tired of my wardrobe consisting of 3 different sizes. No more. I chose to stop my vicious cycle. Now it can be about your health. Getting in proper condition and shape is what it is all about. It also feels awesome to have people notice. My commitment to you is to be there in health, discipline, and support in every way to help you achieve all of your goals of fitness and health.

The real question is are you ready to achieve your goals with me? Are you like most of us who have been searching for years or even decades for the right combination of training and personal support? I am confident that you ve just found it.

I look forward in helping you with:

1) An individualized fitness plan detailed to meet your fitness goals, lifestyle, activities and improved all over function.

2) A nutrition plan based on scientific fact and common sense.

3) A fitness professional who will stand by you on your journey to health and a better self

Mary Holloran Certified Pedorthist, Certified Personal Trainer at Sole Control, a orthotic lab and specialtiy shoe store in St. Louis, MO can help you with your fitness goals and foot trouble.

Discover how to become super fit

and lose the fat faster than ever!

You will find out the secrets to get and stay super lean and look great, and reduce pain.

Find out now, Call to get results immediately 314-822-9494.

St. Louis personal trainer Mary Holloran at Sole Control can get you fit, reduce pain, improve balance, keep you fit after physical training.

9712 Watson Road

St. Louis, MO 63126