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Our selection of shoes come in sizes 4 to 18 in widths from 4A to 6E. Width of shoes is not the distance across but instead it is a circumference measurement. Shoes come in width as follows with the most narrow first: 4A, 3A, 2A, A, B, C, D, E, 2E, 3E, 4E, 5E, 6E. Do you need to buy 2 different size shoes? If you have to buy 2 pair to get one pair the left over pair can be sent to the National Odd Shoe Exchange.
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Sole Control shoes and orthotics for foot problems in St. Louis.
9712 Watson Road
St. Louis, MO 63126
Why settle for “good feet” when you can have great feet after visiting Sole Control in St. Louis, MO?
We do not carry MBT Shoes – MBT Sneakers – Masai Shoes – Footwear etc. If you cannot bent your foot up at least 10 degrees, that means you have tight calf muscles and wearing those shoes will cause achillies tendonitis and or plantar fasciitis (commonly miss-spelled plantar fascitis). The soles are too soft under the heels and that will pull your calf muscles more than 10 degrees. The Skechers Shape Up shoes are the same way they are too soft under the heel.
We can however, add rocker soles on any shoes to achieve the same goals bet have a firmer sole under the heels, therefore not pulling excessively on your calf muscles. And now we carry the New Balance Rocker Sole shoes.

For spring 2010, New Balance is reframing the way women feel about exercise so they can embrace all that it can be: an indulgence for the mind, body and soul. New Balance Wellness, a mindset more than a category, will be a focus for the brand beginning this spring. Kicking off with the first footwear collection to support Wellness is the 1442 rock&tone toning shoe and toning sandal.

Designed for walking, rock&tone footwear tones the muscles from your legs to your glutes to your core and helps burn calories. Burning calories is the basis of weight loss, a goal for a healthy wellbeing. While rock&tone footwear provides similar benefits as competitive products, consumer testing has shown it to be the most wearable and most comfortable perception testing in New Balance s state of the art Sports Research Laboratory. Also, test consumers have responded positively to the lower profile sole unit and overall more stylish aesthetic.

Walking in rocker footwear changes the way you strike the ground and alters the pressure distribution under your feet. With every step you take in New Balance rock&tone footwear, the heel-to-toe rocking motion demands a greater range of front to back motion and increased muscle use, resulting in toning from the calves to the glutes to the core and ultimately more overall calories burned. In wear tests, subjects began to notice the toning effects after the first week of use.

The design of New Balance rock&tone footwear was based on learnings from the pedorthic and rehabilitation communities which show that rocker bottoms encourage the use of alternative muscle groups resulting in additional toning and caloric expenditure.

Consultations with Dr. Joseph Hamill, PhD, a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Massachusetts and one of the world s experts on lower-extremity biomechanics along with the New Balance Sports Research Laboratory, have illustrated the positive effects of walking in New Balance rock&tone footwear. Additionally, a variety of tests have been performed which substantiate these claims, including Electromyography (muscle activity), VO2 (oxygen consumption), and blind human perception testing.

The New Balance rock&tone footwear is available in two versatile options: a shoe and a sandal. Both feature a rounded sole unit made of a soft, lightweight cushioning material (Acteva Ultra LITE).

Above are shoes with proper rocker soles.
Above are MBT and Skechers Shape Up shoes with an improper rocker soles.
Above is a MBT shoe with an improper rocker sole because the sole is too soft under the heel and will put an extreme pull on the calf muscle and could result in tearing the achillies tendon or pull the plantar fascia away from the heel. We do not recommend buying buy MBT shoes. You can really hurt yourself buy wearing these MBT shoes. Why spend $100.00 $250.00 to hurt yourself?

Why are properly-fitted shoes important to your overall foot health?
Proper Footwear is an integral part of any comprehensive foot care plan. In fact, the success of any treatment plan your doctor may prescribe can be enhanced or undermined by your choice of shoes.

At Sole Control we are trained in foot pathology and properly fitting shoes, will help you make choices that will support your foot care plan, accommodate any foot problems, or simply offer both comfort and style.

Who we can help
  • People interested in preventative health.
  • Baby Boomers + as their feet tend to expand and broaden with age.
  • Athletes who put extra demands on their feet.
  • Pregnant women whose feet are affected by weight gain.
  • People with both high and low arches.
  • Anyone experiencing foot pain.
  • People who stand or are active on their feet for a significant portion of the day.
We can minimize discomfort due to:
  • Heel Pain
  • Fallen Arches
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Bunions & Calluses
  • Knee Pain
  • Lower Back Strain
  • Flat Feet
  • Arch & Metatarsal Pain
  • High Arched Feet
  • Postural Instability
  • Hammertoes
  • Foot Rotation
  • Athletic Injury
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetic Foot Problems
  • Geriatric Conditions
  • Congenital Deformities
  • Prolonged Standing
  • Narrow/Wide Feet
  • Foot Trauma

Did you know90% of all people are wearing improperly-fitted shoes.
Most foot problems are caused or aggravated by improperly-fitted shoes?