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Mary Holloran, Board Certified Pedorthist, OST
Mary has been in the foot and ankle field in St. Louis since 1977. She was a P.A. working for Orthopedic Surgeons, Podiatrists, and Podiatric Residency programs. She became Board Certified in 1993 and worked at facilities that she felt did not provide the ethical care that she was raised to provide. She has always had a hands on approach and has been involved in every aspect of Foot and Ankle care including assessment, goals and objectives relating to care, casting of all fractures and injuries, splinting and bracing as well as assisting in the surgical setting and post operative follow up and care. She takes prides her reputation more than anything else. She genuinely cares about every patient that comes to our facility and she takes pride in being fair to everyone. She is grateful for the faith that our physicians and patient’s/client’s place in the abilities in Sole Control, Inc. She just passed her boards to become NASM (National Academy of Sports Medical) Board Certified Personal Trainer. She offers personal training at her gym at her home. She loves a challenge and feels that you can never have enough credentialing. The more she knows the more she can share. She takes time with every patient and makes sure that they fully understand what their particular problem/injury is and how she can help. Education is key. She believes that most foot problems are acquired and can be managed. She is a toughie and stresses compliance. She places great emphasis on footwear in conjunction with orthotics and attributes this to the results that are achieved at Sole Control Inc. She just loves it when a patient calls in and says that their pain is gone. People do not have to walk in pain.

Michael Lukowsky, Board Certified Pedorthist, OST
Michael has been in the footwear and foot orthotic business since 1984. Michael has written for many publications since 1992.

Some of his literature has been copied and posted on other web sites of other pedorthic facilities. He also gives speeches to health groups and has been a speaker at the yearly national pedorthic symposium. He served on the board of the Pedorthic Footwear Association in 2005. He also takes great pride in the very best of customer service and following through with patient satisfaction. He spends the required amount of time to make sure the patient is educated about their foot problems, proper shoe fit, and how the orthotics and shoes will help their diagnosis. He is an expert on how shoes should fit. Michael joined the practice in 2005 after leaving another pedorthic facility for over 13 years because of their very poor ethics.

Since leaving the other shoe store, Michael now has the freedom to help patients/customers with his expertise without limitations. We follow all of our Boards guidelines and Medicare rules and we do whatever is necessary for every patient.

Our promise is that “We Care and We are Fair” and we stand behind every thing we do 100%. Sole Control is now working with a state representative to have Missouri become state licensed for pedorthics to protect patient rights and to be sure that all pedorthics practices are followed by ABC pedorthic certification. Their link is If you have a complaint about another facility click on this ABC link and print on Professional Discipline Complaint Form. Michael attends the WSA (World Shoe Association) shoe show in Las Vegas and other cities. If you have any questions about your shoe fit, or orthotics, or problems with your feet, plaese feel free to e-mail to Michael at or visit our Contact us page.

Patrick Hitzel – Pedorthic Intern

We are certified by The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics (ABC)
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Sole Control, Inc

9712 Watson Road

St. Louis, MO 63126

Company history
Mary started Sole Control in 1998 in Crestwood, MO. We are located on Watson Road 2 miles east of 270 and 1 mile east of Lindberg, one block west of Crestwood Plaza on the south side of the street. Michael joined the pratice in 2005 after being in the business for 21 years.

Hours Monday – Friday 9:30 to 4:30 and Saturday 10:00 to 4:00 by appointment. Sole Control in St. Louis will help you with your foot and ankle problems. We are help you with your foot ans ankle problems with properly fittes shoes and foot orthotics, inlays, arch supports, foot plates, orthodics. Written by Michael Lukowsky Webmaster contact St. Louis has a large percent of the population with foot problems and especially diabetes.