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SOLE CONTROL, INC. 486 THF Blvd. Chesterfield, Missouri 63005 636-536-9800

Your Pedorthic Facility for Custom made Foot Orthotics and Footwear in many varieties and sizes

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                    Where can I go if my feet hurt in St. Louis?  Go to Sole Control on Watson Road.  314-822-9494.  My heels hurt when I get out of bed in the morning.  Can Sole Control Help me?  Is this Plantar fasciitis?  Yes it is heel pain syndrome.  My feet are arthritic, can Sole Control Help Me?  Yes they helped me.  Just go there and get an evalualation at no charge.  My feet are numb and they burn.  Can orthotics help me?  Does Sole Control make custom foot orthotids.  Yes they make inlays, arch supports, orthodics, orthotics foot insoles and they carry shoes too!